Very good course very clearly set out and clear instruction, trainer very good explanation of practical and theory

A Perks

Site Equipment

Found instructor to be very approachable, and very patient.

S Whight


Having spent the last three decades as a lecturer in electrical engineering at Manchester University, I’ve heard a very large number of presentations and been on a lot of short courses. How did yours compare? Well I I think it was very good, well structured, easy to follow and very informative.Definitely in the top class!

R Waterfall


The course you conducted was the best course I have attended by far. I have given a very good recommendation about the course to my chief engineer, hopefully more will attend in the future. Keep up the good work

J De Silva


Having over the years attended several training courses I would have to say that Ian’s was one of the best run courses for keeping and maintaining attendees interest. He has mastered the art of keeping people interested, I would if asked recommend your training, marks out of ten,Ten!

B Cloherty

Streetwide UK Managment Ltd

I thought that for a day course it was pitched just right and provided everything that was needed well done.

J Smith

Wheatsheaf Trust

Ian and Paddy made the course interesting.. They were interested in our points of view and answered all questions fully. Would recommend TTS Training Services to my peers.

C Perry

St Francis College

Great course made extremely friendly by Ian/trainer. well paced and content professionally displayed.many thanks

D Kirby

Selex Systems Integration

Both instructors were both friendly and informative and made people feel at ease in a relaxed atmosphere.

R Hoare

The Marlborough School

Found the course well structured and informative with special emphasis on excellent presentation. The trainer was obviously very knowledgeable and experienced, and possessed excellent communicating skills and made the group feel at ease from the outset. Highly recommended to anyone. Enjoyed the day thoroughly thank you

S & G Evans

Soundout Roadshow

Very well presented course by Ian. Hope you like the smiley toaster. new way of doing the theory test was excellent.

Mark Wakefield

Apart from being very informative, it was a very enjoyable course, I can’t say that very often. I can’t really think of a negative to say about the course, or any thoughts as to how it could be improved. Thanks!

M Scott

Sheild Environmental Services

A very good course, I learnt a lot from it. The trainer was very good and worked at a good pace. I would recommend it.

S. Gaskell, Kelloggs

Very informative day which was explained in an ‘easy to understand’ way. Lots of practical undertaken. Trainer for the day very approachable with a wealth of experience and knowledge.Thank you.

A Barton-Rumbold

Rockford Components Ltd

I am a trainer too, with qualifications in training, I can say that this trainer today was excellent. first class course, high quality training.

N. Jones,

Director., Capital Fire

Having dome many different courses over the years this course was very informative, it was a pleasure to work with Ian and never got board, a very good trainer is Ian excellent all round.

P Dombrowski

Salvation Army

Less of a problem than I thought [PAT testing] and well presented by Ian. Thank you.

A Cope

Director, Cope & Son

Would highly recommend this course, Ian was very professional in his delivery of this course.

G Hyland

HMP Canterbury

The two guys teaching the course were very professional ,but relaxed, made me feel comfortable , made the course fun and educational.keep up the good work.

S Rossen

FT Computer Repairs

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Well paced and clearly explained. Loved the flow chart provided. Ian was very personable and engaged all of the students. Course better for the fact that there were not too many students which ensured that we all were given the attention that we needed. I took my own tester and as a result was able to practice under supervision and clear up any ambiguities and issues I had before being let loose on paying customers.

T Williams

ADW Electrics

Ian was professional, humorous, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

K Coote

International Dance Supplies

A big thanks to Patrick, he did a great job.

D Smart

Pera Technology

Loved it,trainer was great and the whole day was enjoyable and informative.

R Hurt

Autocare Clinic

The trainer was excellent he made the course content easy to understand and had a lot of patience when allowing us to have a go at PAT testing. Thank you.

C Price

Astra Games

What could be quite a boring subject was made interesting and enjoyable, Thanks

A Rudman

Titan Surveys

Was a really good day learnt allot and Ian was brilliant at answering our questions.

R McGrady

GEMS Survey Ltd

As a refresher course I have found this course very beneficial.



I found today’s course to be a very good refresher of the basics plus all the new and relevant addition.



A very good course, Ian was a very good trainer and I would highly recommend it, to any other companies.

C Wait


Excellent course, well presented & just what was expected and required. A clear concise, usable course that will benefit everyone who requires the essentials to carry out PAT testing.

R Leggett

Ian, Just wanted to drop you a personal email to say thanks for the very enjoyable training we had on Friday, as I mentioned on the day it was much better than the original course I had at Robin.

L Pardoe


The course was well run and easy to understand.

J Ellis

Denbigh School

Training was conducted very well, enjoyed it.


Pera Technology

Thanks for all your help yesterday the course was great and well presented.

S. Short


Great course, really enjoyed the day everything was made really clear and easy to understand. Ian was a excellent trainer THANK YOU!

S Carey

Larkside Primary School

We found Ian a very good trainer,he was very friendly and very helpful doing this course, he made as all feel at ease and he explained every thing as we went along and i would highly recommend him

G Wrigley

MBI International

Everything that we needed to know was covered very well. The pace was taken at the speed we needed to go so everything was covered in good time. Ian worked the course around our environment and our PAT tester so everything was relevant to us.

M Braybrooke


Ian delivered the course with professionalism, excellent knowledge of the subject and great sense of humour.

D Bowden

Orchid Cellmark

It was a very interesting and informative day, where a lot of issues were identified and subsequently resolved or investigated thoroughly. I felt that the course was a good investment and it was overall a very enjoyable day

S Perrett

University Hospital Bristol NHS Trust

Was really enjoyable. Trainer was excellent, went through things at a good pace. Was good that he helped people according to their pace e.g. spending time with those who needed it and speeding up the process with those who picked it up faster. Overall, enjoyable!

R Matharu

Leeds Met Uni

The course was very good and exactly what was needed to get me up to speed with PAT testing.

C Watkins

Two Rivers Housing

Very good instructor well presented and very approachable easy going and very open.

P Cuddy

Know How (Currys & PC World)

Excellent instructor, he new more about the subject than i thought possible! very nice atmosphere too! thanks for a great day!

J Elliot

Short Fuse PAT Testing

First class will recommend Ian, credit to your company, many thanks Adrian.

Adrian Brown

APB Domestic Electrics

Good relaxed teaching method, by both parties, We had good hands on with various bits of broken kit, i now no exactly what to look for when carrying out a test.

K Lancaster-Park

HM Forces

A well presented course covering everything at a good pace, with plenty of one to one. very satisfied.

J Toomey

Larkin Engineering Services

Just what I needed to know, and Ian’s practical experiences gave him credibility. Having 2 others being trained at the same time meant there was no great pressure on us individually but the small number made it feel almost like 1 to 1 training.

F Garbutt

St Helens Infant School

Excellent training course, the trainer was very informative and helpful and conducted the course at a steady pace. I would definitely use TTS training services again and recommend it to others.

S Williams


Despite having previous experience, I learned a lot from this course. The “sequence of operations” sheet is useful, and the “suitcase of death” was a very helpful suite of accessories. Having a suite of different PAT tester types was very helpful, as it could inform choice of subsequent tester to buy and use.

D Wildman

St Michael’s church

Ideal training course, Will recommend.

C Judd

Sexton Building Contractors

The trainer was first class!

D Stead

Cancer Research

All Guys enjoyed course and got more from it than they thought they would. all four were happy with Ian’s Delivery of the material.

M Watkins

Blockleys Brick

I would have classed myself as an experienced electrical technician having worked on aircraft avionics for 18 years and I have been carrying out the PAT testing for the past 3 years at the school. Nevertheless, I found that there were still things that I had not appreciated about PAT testing and testing techniques and procedures. The course was definitely well worth doing.

P Butler

The Gryphon School

Really good course, very helpful trainer, enjoyed it and informative.

D Watson

British Red Cross

Good instructions, easy to follow format and very good interpersonal skills.

S Booth

CTK School

I thought the course was superb. Ian, the trainer, was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. I learnt a lot and am now ready to start PAT testing in my company now. Many thanks.

A Martin

Doctors Net UK Ltd

This course is going to be a massive help for myself and VAX as a company.

Priestly, VAX

I had very little knowledge of electrical appliances , amps ,plugs . . . etc but after this course i understand far more for being on it and i would like to thank you for this. well done, excellent.

S McAloon

Bishop Barrington School

Very clear and concise trainer. He has the ability to get the subject across well.

P Taylor

Top Hat

Very good delivery of the subject and easy to understand the objectives and tasks required.

J Farrington

North West Kent College

A very enjoyable course presented by a trainer who was clear and articulate and demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the subject matter. I would certainly recommend it to others.

A Foster

Newquay Airport

Thank-you Ian the course was the best I have ever been on and I have done a lot of them many thanks!

C Hards

JT Mackley

I am Electrical Engineer and I found the course was very informative and enjoyable.

W Henderson

Colas Rail

Thank you for a very enjoyable course, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable, and the pace and the level of the course was just right.

A Hillman

St Jullians School

I felt the course was very good and very informative and I enjoyed it. Many thank’s to the trainer Ian for the knowledge he has passed on to me.

J Simpson

Honda UK

I felt the course was interesting and thorough, very good, thank you.

S O’Kane

WB Power Services

A very informative course, that was delivered in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

A Riley,

Merchants Academy

The trainer gave a detailed and informative course. He took the time to help those of us that are not electricians to understand how to PAT test with confidence. All in all a very good course.

K McKane

Piptek Services

Very well put together, trainer was well educated in content and made everyone feel at ease with good communications and a little banter.

J Sharrock

The Cheadle Academy

All of the three staff undertaking the course found the trainer to be an excellent teacher, he made the training easy to understand and very straightforward.

C Ball

Capio Nightingale Hospital

I enjoyed the course and it was a eye opener, down to earth and very open. Would recommend other people to use the company and I will pass on TTS Training Services number over to them when asked.

J Critchlow

Lion Deva Chester

A thoroughly enjoyable course made all the better through the excellent tuition and humour of the instructors……it made what could have been a very dry course quite fun.Thanks.

J Caul

Bartholmew School

This course is hands on and in full detail and with a great trainer like Ian is great.

K Ward

EDU Plus

Ian was a good Tutor. Very understanding with the students, Good Communication.

M Brandon

D9D Ltd

My first time on a pat test course, and i found the content too be very useful/helpful. The course was very well presented by Ian.

WB Power Services Ltd

Spot on – Excellent trainer, good knowledge of the subject.

N Taylor

Thales UK Ltd

The course gave us all the relative information presented in a fashion that was easy to digest. The trainers took their time to explain what was needed and then helped every one master their skills.

R Martin

Marlowe St Davids

The course was excellent, it took you through the standards and follows the IEE.


BCAS Biomed

An enjoyable and informative course. Well presented by the associated instructor on the day.

D Meek


As stated in my E mail. This was one of the best delivered courses I have ever attended.

P Bryant

Ready Case

A good well structured course. Well presented, easy to understand. Ian made everyone feel at ease, which made my day very enjoyable as i get very nervous at these type of courses. I would certainly recomend your training course to any of my electrical colleagues. Thanks for a very enjoyable day.

S Parker

S J Parker Electrics

Course content and pace was ideal and the trainer was first rate – really knew his stuff.

M Birks

Miranda Technologies Ltd

Really friendly and well-laid out course, perfect for us novices who felt like we were fully trained by the end. Excellent help with our PAT tester , we were shown how it was not working properly and advised (indirectly) not to use it. Excellent practicals, helpful trainer and really enjoyable. He (Ian) is to be commended for driving for six hours and doing the course so well!

M Town


Excellent presentation by Ian. Nothing was to much trouble for him to explain and enjoyed the course thank you.

D Thomas

Bridges into Work

The course was well presented in a relaxed and comfortable manner.It left me feeling confident that I would be able to do the tests accurately and safely. Thank you.

T Derbyshire


Your tutor Ian is a *STAR*. He had 3 very nervous electrically uneducated students. His manor and approach was brilliant. The theory side was educational and delivered in an easy to understand way. We have owned a Fluke 6500 tester for nearly a year and were still confused how to work it. Once again Ian knew the machine its functions and how to work it. This helped with the practical side & with his guidance it was a breeze. Our 17th Edition Electrician recently took the PAT City & Guilds course [CG2377] and struggled. Your course was some much easier to understand & looking back it would have been a much better course for him to been on. Once again, thanks for all you help and assistance getting us all to a standard and eager to go into the World of PAT testing. Once again a BIG Thanks.

R Taylor

Alliance Facilities

Trainer was very good and the whole course was very well put together and presented well.

K Hallas


We cannot believe the amount of useful information that your trainer provided us with, my operatives have come away from their training with full understanding of the training they were given.

C Fitzgibbon

FCS Cleaning

Paddy presented the course in layman’s terms and made it very easy to absorb and understand. He also answered all queries and questions in clear and concise manner. The overall course was excellent and i would recommend to anyone.

P Jones

Be Gemmed

Ian delivered the course very well, and took the time to educate those who didn’t fully understand the testing procedure.

G Jones

Hewitson Ltd

Excellent course, thanks very much.

D. Brothwell

The National School