PAT Test Course Preston

  • 1 Day PAT Testing Course
  • Follow IET COP 4th Ed.
  • 09.30am – 4.30pm
  • See Dates & Book Online.

Only £165+VAT Per Person

1 Day Course

Our course is 1 day, this means minimal time away from work.

No Experience Required

The course is open to all, there is no previous experience needed. The course is aimed at non electrically trained people.

Only £165pp

The course is very affordable at only £165+VAT per person.

Make Money

PAT testing is an additional service you could offer your customers, this can be a new profitable income stream.

Save Money

By doing your own PAT testing you will save money every year!


We provide after course support as standard, phone, web and training aids. All available to our candidates after the course.

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This 1 Day Course Costs Just £165+VAT





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Venue Details

Preston Venue

Best Western
Park Hall Hotel
Park Hall Road
Charnock Richard
Lancashire PR7 5LP

Tel. 01793 497181

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PAT testing?
Portable appliance testing commonly referred to as PAT testing is a systematic approach in ensuring your portable appliances are safe for continued use. A competent and trained person needs to make the decision whether the item is safe and uses a variety of assessment methods.
Can you do an online PAT testing course?

We have recently seen PAT testing courses online and our opinion is that although online learning is great for certain subjects we feel PAT testing is not one of them. All of our courses have lots of practical training, with online learning this is absent.
We have completed the distance / online PAT testing courses that are out there and we have found  that the training is very poor.
We do not believe someone could be competent after such training in PAT testing.

What is PAC testing?
A very common error is people call PAT testing PAC testing. PAT testing is Portable Appliance Testing.
What areas do you cover for on site training?
We will run our PAT testing course anywhere, we regularly go to clients sites in England, Scotland and Wales. We also have ran courses in Europe for some of our customers.
How to PASS a PAT testing course.

People get worried unnecessarily whenever they have to do a course and test, some people we train have not had to do a test since school!

We like to think that our course train and coaches you to ensure you PASS your PAT testing course. We will give you all the knowledge you need, we also give you training aids to use and supply a full support website for after your training (learning zone).

So come to the course calm, with an open mind and a willingness to learn and we will do the rest.

What is PAT Tester Calibration?
A PAT tester is the test and measurement instrument needed to complete the full PAT test. It measures levels of resistance and it needs to be checked at suitable intervals. Most manufacturers and the IET Code of Practice state that this should be annually. We can arrange for your PAT tester to be calibrated if you require.
Who can do PAT testing?

PAT testing is the process of ensuring the appliance is safe, the process that we need to follow to make the decisions that an appliance is safe could be done by most people.

To do PAT testing you need to complete some training and be assessed as competent.  Most people after such training could become a PAT tester.

What is City and Guilds 2377?

The City and Guilds 2377 PAT testing course is a formal level 3 qcf qualification for practicing electricians. It is a theoretical course that tests the candidate in their awareness of the the IET code of practice.

City and Guilds state that the course is for practising electricians, you are expected to attend the course having lots of electrical experience.

Unfortunately we are seeing training companies put students on this course that have never opened a plug. It is not the right course if you are not an electrician. It also has very little practical (One Class 1 appliance and 1 Class 2 appliance), so you will leave the course having to learn how to practically PAT test!

Everyone's a PAT Testing Expert!

A quick search about PAT testing and just about everyone claims to be a “PAT testing expert”.

Any PAT testing course worth anything will follow the IET Code of Practice (Currently 4th edition). Please ensure your “PAT Testing Expert” courses follows this.

How to do a PAT test.

Visual Inspection of : 

  • Plug
  • Cable
  • Casing

Use a PAT tester to check: 

  • Earth Continuity (if required)
  • Insulation Resistance (500Vdc or 250Vdc as appropriate)
  • Leakage Test (Earth and Touch)  (as required)
  • Load / Function Test

Record all the results accurately. 


We love to help customers with their training needs. Drop us a line with your requirements and we will be in contact ASAP.